Hi there~

Here you will find the most important information and most frequent asked questions. 

• Where are you located? 

In the heart of Flanders, Belgium, Europe

 Who are you? 

I’m /u/QueGettingShitDone on reddit and this I’m an industrial design student that is running this one person operation :^)

• When will my order be shipped?

The best answer I can give you without answering is “asap” !

I try to cut acrylic atleast 1 time a week to get all orders done and ship by the end of the week.

Because international shipping can be quite expensive I try to stack up orders to bulk ship them so the cost stays low.

Every package is shipped with Asendia (swiss post) unless stated otherwise.

• How long will it take for my shipment to arrive at my doorstep? 

The usual time frame is around 10 work days for packages to reach their destination worldwide.

• Does my package have tracking?  

Most packages won’t be send with individual tracking since that would be too expensive. Only bigger packages and high value packages will be tracked.

If you want a package tracked, please contact me before you place your order (or immediatly after) !

• When will [insert case] group buy re-run? 

Nobody knows.. not even me.

But if you are really impatient you can always choose to commission a specific case from me.

• My order arrived broken! 

Sometimes during shipping people are a little harsh with packages. Acrylic is not known to be very impact impact resistant. You can always contact me so we can fix your precious up as fast as possible!

If you have any further questions, requests, advice, commisions or hate mail… Feel free to vent down below!