Spend your Stimmie on a Commission

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If you have too much money and too little patience this is your chance !

For the bargain price of just ONE stimilus check you can roll through an entire commission adventure with me from start to finish. From special layouts and engravings to detailed switch modding. From obtaining special pcb’s and rare artisans. Anything I can do to make your dream keyboard come to life. Even that impossible to find GMK set might be within your grasp now !

You will be immediatly bumped up the commission queue and your wild rambelings will be heard.

need a case for you and your platonic friend? Your negligent father? your funny uncle?  for that cute egirl that never pays attention to you in the discord vc?  Come on what are you waiting for ! Make Joe Biden proud and stimulate the economy by sending your money to a european :^)

Additional fees may apply

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