Quasi Copper Patina Alice w/ PCB [LIMITED EDITION]



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My keyboard blue’d itself!

This little sale is a bit of a passion project of mine that came to be after countless hours of playing around with chemicals and raw pieces of brass ! Every single unit will get a number from 1 ranging all the way to 15. The patina pattern that will be formed on the copper will be unique to every board. A beautiful mix between raw copper and Shiny cyan hues of tarnished metal !

All copper plates will be skillfully tarnished by yours truly in the coming week(s) and you’ll be able to follow my progress on socials !

What will be in the box?
• Brass hardware
• Mechlovin’ Adelais Standard (Alice layout) PCB (Type-C)
• Copper Patina’d Plate (fixed pattern)

• Clear acrylic
• Anti-slip poron strips
• A variety of random merch including patches, Winthea switch stickers, keychains.. perhaps more ! 

When will this ship out?
  Shipping will commence LATE SEPTEMBER but may ship out earlier. Updates and announcements will be issued through the Qlavier Discord server. click here to join !

Much love and thank you for the support, Quen