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[GB-UPDATE] Shipping!

Hello there!

Every single groupbuy order has been SHIPPED! 

I want to say sorry for both the long delays and the lack of communication on my end.

Every order was shipped Friday afternoon by Asendia.
Asendia assured me that every single package will be delivered to your local post office within 8 workdays. If you have a slow working local delivery it could take even longer.

I have a trackingnumber for the grouped parcels and will know when they arrive in bulk in regions such as the USA, AUS and JP. If you have any interest in this information feel free to follow me on twitter or instagram where i will periodically update.

If you have any problems with your package when it comes to quality, missing components or wrong order.. Don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you for your patience and funding this groupbuy. I hope i can hold your attention in the near future with other projects and products.
See you then! 


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